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Title Name Education Research E-mail
Assoicate Professor Ya Dong Pan Ph.D. University of Arizona, U.S.A. 1.Intelligent Control
Assoicate Professor Hsiu-Ping Wang Ph.D., Chung Cheng Institute of Technology 1.motor control
Assoicate Professor Shih-Feng Chen Ph.D.,State University of New Tork at Stony Brook 1.Intelligent Robot Application
2.Intelligent Optical Inspection
3.Control System
Assoicate Professor Chiung-Hsin Tsai M.S degrees in machinery engineering from the National Sun Yat-sen University 1.Automatic control
2.Microprocessor circuit designing
3.Servo vision control
4.Intelligent control
Assistant Professors Chia-Ho Huang Ph.D., National Taiwan University of Science and Technology 1. Advanced adaptive control
2. Automatic control
3. Servo vision control and its related application
4. Vibration control and isolator design
Assoicate Professor Chih-Yung Lin Ph.D., National Central University of Mechanical Engineering 1.Virtual Reality
2.Image processing
4.Traffic Engineering
Assistant Professors Lian-Wang Lee Ph.D., National Taiwan University of Science and Technology. 1.Advanced fluid power servo control
2.Automatic control
3.Mechatronic control of large wind turbines
4.Servo vision control
5.Opto-Mechatronic system

Precision Technology

Title Name Education Research E-mail
Professor Sheng-Lih Yeh Ph. D., National Taiwan University 1.Electro-optical precision measurement
2.Optical interference technology
3.Optical diffraction technology
4.Nondestructive test
Professor Chun-Yao Hsu Ph.D., National Taiwan University 1.Thin films
3.Electrical discharge machining
4.Abrasive machining
Professor Chin-Kwang Huang Ph.D., National Taiwan University 1.Polymer blending
2.Polymer composite
3.Injection molding
4.Linear guides and ball screw
Professor Chun-Sheng Chen Ph.D., National Central University 1.Injection molding
2.Digital design
3.Manufacturing process
4.Mechanical material
Assistant Professors Tsyr-Jang Chen Ph.D., University of Illinois at Chicago 1. Machinery noise and vibration reduction
2. Vibration of plates and shells
3. Structural stability and dynamics
4. Numerical method
5. Computer aided engineering
Assistant Professors Te-Yen Huang Ph.D., Purdue University 1.Machinery noise and vibration reduction
2.Vibration of plates and shells
3.Structural stability and dynamics
4.Numerical method
5.Computer aided engineering
Assistant Professors Jin-Yih, Kao Ph.D., National Taiwan University of Science and Technology. 1.Precision measurement
2.Reverse engineering
3.Robotic neurosurgery system
Assistant Professors Fwu-Hsing Liu Ph.D., National Taiwan University. 1. Rapid prototyping and manufacturing.
2. Mould design and manufacturing.
Assistant Professors Chien-Chih Chen Master of National Taiwan University of Science and Technology 1.CFD
2.Precise Of Pneumatic&Hydraulic
Assistant Professors Kuei-Chu Tsou Master of Lunghwa University of Science and Technology 1. Investment Casting
2. Machinery manufacturing

Energy and Plasma Technology

Title Name Education Research E-mail
Professor Kuen Ting PH.D. of Power Mechanical Engineering of Tsinghua University 1.Nano Characterization(AFM, Nanoindentation and Ellipsometer)
2.Plasma Application(Fruit Fresh maintain, Sterization, DLC, TCO and AP)
3.Nuclear Engineering Applications(Risk, Structural analysis, Fracture and Fatigue analysis, Probabilistic frcture mechancis)
4.Biomedical engineering(cosmic surgery heat transfer, Dopper blood flow measurement, IR)
5.Large computations(Parallel computations, molecular dynamics, FEM and meshless)
Professor Tzu-Hsiang KO Ph.D., National Taiwan University 1.Plasma Simulation
2.Numerical Simulation of Heat Exchanger
Associate Professor Ching -Shang Cheng Ph.D., National Taiwan University of Science and Technology 1. Plasma application technology.
2. Environmental technology
Associate Professor Wei-Seng Cheng Ph.D., Clemson University USA 1. Fluidmachinery
2. Heat transfer phenomenun
3. Machine design
Assistant Professor Yuan-Ching Chou PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA 1.Probabilistic Risk Assessment
2.Critical Infrastructure Protection
3.Nuclear Power Plant Safety
4.Severe Accident Analysis of Nuclear Power Plant
Associate Professor Chung Ming Liu PHD of Engineering in akita University, Japan 1.plasma Technology
2.material science
3.Eletron Microscopy
Assistant Professor Ta-Lun Sung Ph.D.,University of Missouri-Columbia, Nuclear Energering Dept. 1. Nuclear energy
2. DLC Coating
3. Water Plasma
Associate Professor Ching-Yuan Bai Ph.D., National Taiwan University 1. Surface modification
2. Metallic Bipolar Plates of PEM Fuel Cells
3. Corrosion and Corrosion Control
4. Pulse Laser Deposition
5. Materials Characterization

Chemical and Materials Technology

Title Name Education Research E-mail
Professor Pao Chi Chen Ph.D of Chemical Engineering in National Taiwan University 1. Particulate Technology
2. Nanomaterials
3. Removal of Carbon Dioxide
4. Emulsion and Dispersion
5. Transport Phenomena
Professor Chen Hsu Ph.D., Oxford University 1. Nano and micro materials on mechanical, optical, thermo, electrical, and magnetic applications.
2. Equipments for semiconductor production line, defect analysis and process control.
Associate Professor Jeou-Long Lee Ph.D., National Taiwan University of Science and Technology 1. Electrochemical Engineering
2. Surface Treatment
3. Wastewater treatment
Associate Professor Yuneng Chang Ph.D., Iowa State University 1.nano semiconductor materials
2.Chemical vapor deposition
3.materials spectroscopy
Associate Professor Tze-Min Her Ph.D., National Central University 1.Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics
2.Phase Equilibria
3.Chemical Engineering Separation Process
4.Nano Catalysts
Associate Professor Hsiu-Ling Hsu
Ph.D., National Taiwan University of Science and Technology 1. Nano materials
2. Phase equilibrium
3. Thermodynamics
4. Safety management
Associate Professor Chaw-Hsien Ho Ph.D of Chemistry in Fu-Jen University 1.Polymer
2.No-metal Materials
Associate Professor Rosilda Selvin Ph.D of Chemistry in Anna University, Chennei, India 1. Nano materials
2. Heterogenerous Catalysis
Associate Professor Wen-Pin, Weng Ph.D., National Taiwan University.
MBA, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology.
2.Metal/Ceramic Bonding
3.Metal Matrix Composites
4.Light Metal Materials